AP style: Dates

I thought I’d do a quick rundown on AP style for dates, since they’re some of the most common corrections I make. They’re also among the easiest to spot, so even if you don’t do much else, style-wise, I think it’s worth getting in the habit of following these guidelines. It will make your copy — whether it’s a story, a report or just email correspondence — look clean and professional.

In AP style, the months March, April, May, June and July are always spelled out. The other seven are abbreviated when they are followed by a day, but spelled out if they stand with a year or alone. My vacation is not until December, but I’m taking a personal day on Nov. 15. I took a week off in February 2009 for my honeymoon. The abbreviations are as follows: Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.

However, days of the week are always spelled out: I’ll be out of the office from Monday, Nov. 2 through Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Stay tuned for a similar post on times soon!


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