gwyneth’s bad grammar

I suppose I should be thrilled that Gwyneth Paltrow devoted the entirety of her latest GOOP newsletter to singing the praises of Nashville, where she’s been filming for the past few weeks. Except, like that of so many well-meaning folks who visit here and love it, her delight comes across as a little condescending. ‘Wow, there’s actual culture down here!’

So I must admit I cackled with glee to find this egregious typo within:

[The Hermitage Hotel] is the swankiest hotel in town and drips in old world charm. The food here is pretty traditional but it’s fun just for the atmosphere. Be sure to check out the gorgeous art deco men’s bathroom that women are aloud to peek into.

Yes, it’s true. The Hermitage Hotel’s men’s restroom was voted 2009’s best in the country. I’m not sure it’s official hotel policy that women are allowed to peek in, but many do.

I could probably do a week’s worth of posts on the comma splices, hyphen confusion and other grammar mistakes littered through the rest of Gwyneth’s newsletter, but I don’t want to pile on. (Plus, I understand she’s devoting next week’s entry to Music City, too … )


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