buyer beware

Scammers abound on eBay, but one thing I always look for when shopping the auction site is the spelling and grammar in the listings. I find minor errors even in trusted sellers’ listings, but when a description is riddled with them — or worse, the product or brand name is incorrect — I take it as a bad sign and move along.

This weekend, I was re-watching the awesome Friday Night Lights in preparation for Season 4’s debut on NBC next month. I decided I wanted one of the Dillon Panthers t-shirts the boys always wear, which are no longer available at the NBC store. So I took to eBay, where I found some of the real deal, and some sad posers, like this one:

The Panthers’ motto, as any true FNL fan knows, is “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” Nice try, though.


One response to “buyer beware

  1. Can’t wait for Season 4!

    I do like that they tried to get a model that looks as much like Matty as possible.

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