weekly reading: slate explains ap style

I love Slate’s Explainer column for cocktail-party tidbits and just general clarification on current events and topics. (Recent subjects range from “Why don’t figure skaters get dizzy?” to “Can the Pope be fired?”) This week, on the occasion of the latest AP style changes, it explains how such rulings are made. AP’s Deputy Standards Editor, David Minthorn, also gave some behind-the-scenes scoop in a Q&A on Facebook. (I love the image of copy editors bursting into applause at the official announcement.)

On a related note, I’ve been contemplating subscribing to the online AP Stylebook for a while, and these tidbits may push me over the edge. Since following the Stylebook on Twitter, I’ve noticed it’s more fluid than I tend to think. I’m old-school in that I like the tactile experience of picking up my book and leafing through it, but lately I’ve been on the road a lot and haven’t had it handy when I needed it. It kind of pains me, but I think it’s time.


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