rolling stone’s mcchrystal mistake

A popular sentiment among frustrated Gen X journalists like me is that print publications have written their own death sentence. Some of my elders may disagree, but there’s no better example than Rolling Stone‘s fumble with its Gen. McChrystal profile, which had more than just the blogosphere buzzing this morning, but wasn’t available to read on the magazine’s site. (And in a bizarrely RIAA-like move, RS sent a cease and desist to a blog that posted a PDF of the article — which tons of news sites used to report the story.) But don’t take my word for it — read Megan Carpentier’s succinct takedown at Talking Points Memo.

On a side note, I’m thrilled to see Carpentier at TPM. She cut her teeth at Jezebel, and its political coverage hasn’t been the same since she left. And the Web’s best lefty blog surely benefits from an additional woman’s voice.

Update: The full story is now up at and I sincerely hope people read the entire thing instead of the soundbites. It’s about substantially more than McChrystal’s snarkiness — a troubling look at the state of things in Afghanistan.


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