tim gunn’s typo

Usually I think Tim Gunn can do no wrong. I’ve especially enjoyed the campaign against rudeness he’s embarked upon in the last few weeks, calling out everyone from Taylor Momsen to Anna Wintour for diva-like behavior. But I just cringed to see the mistake in his recent Facebook post. It’s so common, but I expect better from such a conscientious character.

Can you spot the mistake? I’ve covered it before. And I even name-checked Project Runway in that post!


5 responses to “tim gunn’s typo

  1. It’s gotta be there somewhere….

  2. it’s, when it should have been its

    I would have expected more of Tim, too, but have long suspected that publicists are the ones providing these social networking posts anyway.

    Love the blog, Kate!

  3. I normally wouldn’t have noticed it but I got it this time!!! Thanks for schooling me Katie- an old dog can learn correct grammar!!!

  4. Also, I’d have suggested a comma after 2010. But I’m a nitpicker.

  5. Actually two mistakes. The second is the missing comma after “finalized” to set off the new independent clause.

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