an errant apostrophe

Oh, CVS. How I love your Extra Bucks, which allow me to purchase way more lip glosses and eyeshadows than anyone could use in one lifetime. I do not, however, love your grammar.

This is the kind of mistake that makes me judgmental, because I can’t fathom why people get it wrong. I sometimes see unnecessary apostrophes on a plural word ending in a vowel (like pajamas) or acronym (like CDs), because some people (wrongly) think you can’t pluralize those words without it. But what on earth would make you think the plural of “shot” needs an apostrophe?

There’s about a 1% chance the person who authored this sign meant “The flu shot’s here” and just dropped that initial “the.” But that would be oddly grandiose. Just ditch the apostrophe, dude.

p.s. I never get a flu shot. Am I tempting fate?


3 responses to “an errant apostrophe

  1. You should get a flu shot this year. I have friends that got sick last year and it WAS NOT pretty.

  2. I’ll never understand the use of an apostrophe to form a plural. When did it all start? It seems prevalent now, and even professional writers and editors (in title only, I think) are making this mistake. (BTW, I recommend the flu shot; I’ve gotten one annually for many years and haven’t had the flu ever.)

  3. Can you give us a lesson on it’s and its please?! I was apparently absent that day in grade school and always mess it up?!?

    And I only started getting flu shots when I had kids…we got the flu mist 2 weeks ago and I’ve been a sinus MESS since!!!

    xo, c.

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