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weekly reading: taylor swift profile

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting for a well-known musician to call. At the appointed hour (hopefully), my phone will ring, the Caller ID will show “Blocked” and from the minute I pick up, I will keep one eye on the upper-righthand corner of my laptop so I don’t chat for any longer than the carefully negotiated 20 minutes. Glamourous, isn’t it?

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rolling stone’s bizarre portrait of glee

So, Glee is on the cover of Rolling Stone this month, and there’s all sorts of feedback on the Mark Seliger photo, ranging from disappointment in the flash of panties to debate over the inclusion or exclusion of various actors. None of that bothers me much. Cover selection is a complicated equation, designed more to pique random grocery shoppers’ interest than please devoted fans of either the magazine or whatever star is featured. Not to mention that objectifying Lolita-type figures is pretty standard for RS.

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