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true colors

I’m slightly obsessed with the version of “True Colors” from the Glee Vol. 2 soundtrack, a cover of the lovely Cyndi Lauper tune. But while I think this song manages it skillfully, I would use the expression “true colors” with caution. It’s really evolved to have a negative connotation, meaning hidden faults or questionable motives, e.g. “His aide’s candid memoir reveals John Edwards’ true colors — the senator was willing to lie in order to preserve his presidential bid.” I’m not saying it can’t ever be used as a compliment, but if you must, make sure the context is very clear.


bet you’ve always said this wrong

I thought I was pretty hot stuff at my first job, having aced the copy editing test and all. About a year in, the desk had an opening, and they hired a guy from an NYC publishing house. On his first day, he proceeded to blow my mind thus:

You know that expression, “You’ve got another thing coming”? E.g., “If you think you’re going to get away with that, you’ve got another thing coming.” That’s wrong. As he explained, the correct expression is, “If you think [X], you’ve got another think coming.” As in, you’re soon going to be thinking something else.

Did I just blow your mind?