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gwyneth’s bad grammar

I suppose I should be thrilled that Gwyneth Paltrow devoted the entirety of her latest GOOP newsletter to singing the praises of Nashville, where she’s been filming for the past few weeks. Except, like that of so many well-meaning folks who visit here and love it, her delight comes across as a little condescending. ‘Wow, there’s actual culture down here!’

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quick tip: sneak peek

This is an error I see all the time: “Get a sneak peak at the trailer for New Moon!” (Here’s an example from a source that should know better.) The correct spelling is “sneak peek.” A peek is a brief glance, while a peak is a high point. I think most people know the difference, but get subconsciously thrown by the spelling of “sneak.” “Sneak peak” looks cooler, but sadly, it’s wrong. Copy editors are such killjoys.