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weekly reading — um, me

I’m totally cheating and doing some shameless self-promotion for this week’s recommended reading. In my defense, I’m currently on vacation and spent the 48 hours before I left furiously churning out copy, so I didn’t get much chance to peruse the Internets.

But also, this feature on rock musicals for M Music & Musicians was so damn much fun to report and write that I feel compelled to share it. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a theater critic — I even wrote Frank Rich, who very kindly invited me to have a cup of coffee sometime — and I got to live that dream just a little bit with this story.


top 5 interviewing tips

Back when I was an intern at the Herndon Connection, I used to come in early in the morning to try to knock out my interviews. Why? I didn’t want anyone else in the newsroom to hear me stammering over my questions. I’ve since heard other reporters confess they did this early in their careers, too. Interviewing can be intimidating, so I thought I’d share my five best tips.

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