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johns hopkins’ sexist column

There are really no words for this “opinion column,” i.e. misogynist screed, that Jezebel unearthed from The Johns Hopkins News-Letter. I’d hesitate to give it even more page views, but it’s already been taken down. (You can get the gist of it from the Jez post.)

I’ve written before about the lessons I learned as a college paper opinion editor, but you can be sure this wouldn’t have run on my watch — or even that of my least enlightened male colleagues. Also, what’s up with the use of “bear” instead of “bare” in the headline? Stupid mistake or stupider joke?

ETA: Here’s the cached version.

Update: Ah, the old “satire” defense


you know what they say about opinions

Writing a weekly opinion column for The Cavalier Daily during my college years was an invaluable lesson in organizing my thoughts. Editing the opinion page taught me something less tangible: Where is the line between your right to an opinion and your readers’ right to respect? Reading two pretty appalling opinion pieces recently brought those lessons to mind — Ramin Setoodeh’s Newsweek column that argued gay actors can’t play straight, and this week’s column from Time‘s Joel Stein, which lamented the influx of Indian immigrants to his hometown.

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