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remember the party crashers?

This morning’s news that the infamous party crashers are “demanding an apology” — from the White House, no less — about how they were treated following last November’s State Dinner sent me back into the archives of the Washington Post for more info on Michaele and Tareq Salahi. I hadn’t realized just how good WaPo’s late ’09 coverage of the couple was — from the initial scoop by a longtime Reliable Source columnist to a series of investigations that revealed the Salahis are essentially grifters who have stiffed tons of caterers, salons and other vendors and tradespeople over the years and misrepresented themselves to D.C. society at large. (She even scammed her way into a halftime performance by Redskins cheerleader alumni, though there’s no record she was ever on the squad.) This exhaustive series details the security breach step-by-step and delves into the pair’s mysterious background. Watergate it ain’t, but this is still a fascinating, dishy read.