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just for laughs

If you made it through my three novel-length posts this week, congrats! You are a truly devoted reader, and I appreciate it. I didn’t mean to frontload the week with so much heaviness, but it just sort of turned out that way. So let’s have a couple chuckles, shall we?

  • In what she called a ‘great metaphor for show business,’ actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday — but her name was misspelled. The mistake was caught by a CNN copy editor on his way to work, and you can see in photos of the official ceremony that it’s been temporarily fixed. The Walk of Fame has promised Dreyfus the chiseled-out typo as a souvenir.
  • Country singer John Rich is quite a character around these parts, and I appreciated this sign guarding his controversial property in Nashville, both for the typo and the (hopefully humorous) misunderstanding of the Constitution. (via the Tennessean)
  • Finally, my friend Caitlin passed on a hilarious layout via Fail Blog. What do you think — honest mistake or a joke that unfortunately went to press?

Update: I just got the nicest email from David Daniel, the CNN producer who saved the day, who says, “My story has been reprinted in many places, but I’m honored that a fellow copy editor would find it worth including.”