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what I learned from a magazine launch

I was excited to be asked to be copy editor for the premiere issue of a brand-new print magazine (title to be named later). Besides the fact¬†it’s thrilling that people still believe in print enough to invest in it, it’s also a blast to be part of creating something from scratch. As a copy editor, your job on a magazine launch is to work with the designers and editors to institute¬†a style guide: Where will we deviate from AP? How will we write bylines? Will subheads have periods? Will sidebars be indented? etc. Sounds boring, probably, but after years of adhering to style that others have established, it’s really fun to have a say in making the rules.

In any case, weeks of work culminated in a very long weekend before we sent the magazine to press yesterday. I thought I’d post some of the lessons learned (or reaffirmed) in the process. Continue reading